In-app booking FAQ

What will my commission be?

Commission on Bookings is the same as Deals, and is determined by your current plan: 12% for premium plan customers and 13% for basic plan customers.

When will I receive money for the booking? 

Payment for Bookings and Deals are both made weekly on Tuesdays.

Is my POI listing updated with description, images and rates?

Yes, this information is pulled through via your Park Management System (PMS). The Booking calendar is aligned with PMS availability and shows dates in advance accordingly.

Do I have to use both bookings and deals, or can I just use one? 

Bookings and Deals serve different purposes – Deals are great for running promotions to attract last-minute travellers when you have occupancy left at the end of the day for example, while Bookings allows you to convert app users into customers when they are checking out your listing on the app. You don’t need to use one to use the other, but we’d recommend using both Deals and Bookings to get maximum value from your listing.

How will I know when a booking is made?

Bookings made via GeoZone drop into the PMS booking calendar automatically, and you’ll also receive a notification email from GeoZone.

What if I want to cancel a booking?

You can cancel a booking by logging into your GeoZone portal via
Once you’ve logged in:
1 Go to the ‘My Revenue’ tab
2 Click on the order number
3 Scroll down to find the ‘Refund Booking’ option, and click on ‘Process Refund’

Geozone admin
Refund booking
Please note, the Refund booking option is only available for up to 48 hours after the booking is made. Should the booking require cancellation after the 48 hour period, please email our customer service team to request a cancellation: [email protected].

Please process cancellations as soon as possible — this will minimise inconvenience to customers and ensure all your available inventory is listed. All bookings are managed by each individual business and are subject to the cancellation policy set out in your Park’s Terms & Conditions.

Will my listing be bookable across all of the apps within GeoZone’s network of whitelabels? 

No, initially in-app booking will only be available on the CamperMate app. Whitelabel customers might decide to enable in-app booking at a later stage.

Is this feature available to all subscribers?

Any park on a paid plan can join in-app live bookings, so long as they are using Newbook, RMS or Seekom as their PMS. We currently do not support any other PMS integration but we might look into this in the future.

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