Freedom Camping in New Zealand: Avoid Fines

New Zealand has a long tradition of freedom camping. Many New Zealanders and tourists travel the country by exploring it in a campervan, stopping to camp as it suits.

CamperMate app showing Five Mile Bay Freedom Camping Site near Taupo in New Zealand

However, it’s important to know that you can’t just park your campervan wherever you like. Many councils have laws or bylaws related to freedom camping. These may include how many where you can park, how long you can stay there, and also what type of campervan is allowed.

Most of the laws exist to keep the regions, towns and cities running smoothly. Some of the rules also protect New Zealand’s environment and ecosystems.

There are also rules about which types of campervans can use certain freedom camping sites. Breaking local freedom camping rules risks an instant fine of $200NZD, or more. And while many New Zealanders welcome freedom campers, parking up in the wrong spot is a sure way to upset people!

Avoiding Freedom Camping Fines

To avoid freedom camping fines, you need to know where the designated freedom camping sites are, and have access to the rules.

The free CamperMate app will show you in advance where the designated camping locations are. The CamperMate app will also display the local rules for each region, city or town, all around New Zealand. You can also view versions in ChineseFrench and German.

Check out this short video about how the CamperMate app helps people freedom camp in and around Greymouth, New Zealand.

The CamperMate New Zealand Freedom Camping Guarantee

We are so confident about the information on the app, we’re prepared to put money on it! If you get a freedom camping fine in New Zealand, as a result of the in-app information being incorrect, we’ll pay the fine for you.

Read our freedom camping fine guarantee here.

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