Absolutely! CamperMate is translated into English, German, French and Chinese. If your phone is set to any of those languages, the app will automatically show in that language. Or to view the app in another language just change your phone settings. Too easy.

Because we want your wicked travel experience to also be a safe one! Having your location services on means we can send you safety alerts from severe weather or tsunami warnings, to real-time updates on road closures, and helpful notifications on some of NZs popular walking tracks. Plus, you’ll also get access to the best deals in your area – who doesn’t like a bargain on the road?

Yes, please do. CamperMate’s packed full of good places travellers have shared with us over the years and our database is growing every day. If you stumble across a stupendous spot, upload it so others can find it too. If you enjoyed staying somewhere, or had an amazing experience, then leave a comment on the page for other travellers. We’ve made a short video to show you how easy it is to add to CamperMate:

All submissions are reviewed by our team so cursing trolls won’t make it through.

They sure are. Downloading our maps means you can look for things on the app and plan your journey when you’re offline. We update our information daily so it’s a good idea to connect the app to WiFi as often as you can, so you know you’re looking at the latest version.

Yes, we like to take care of the travelling fur babies. Look for a dog icon in the description of campgrounds. Or tap on the ‘Pets Welcome’ filter when you’re searching for somewhere to sleep across all accommodation, campgrounds (both self contained and non self contained) and then you know everyone’s welcome once you get there.

That said, ultimately, it’s up to the owner’s discretion when it comes to pets.

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